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Our Tuscaloosa children need ways to enrich themselves this summer especially coming out of a pandemic. Many students lost a massive amount of learning when they had to move from the classroom to virtual learning. Students struggled dramatically during the fall semester and most schools have moved back to classroom learning with safety guidelines in place now. But summer is approaching and our middle school children who are in the transition of their lives from kids to teenagers is important. One local summer program and church have teamed up to make this happen.

LIFT Academy is a summer Saturday program for middle school aged youth aiming to prevent the "summer slide" and provide a structured and safe program during the summer by engaging our young people in hands on learning, introducing them to new opportunities, developing life long skills, and connecting them to community experts and mentors.

The "Summer Slide" is the academic term for summer learning loss. Data shows us that "by the summer after seventh grade, students lose on average 36% of their school-year gains in math". This creates a snowball effect that continues through the following years.

Children from low-income families are also disproportionately affected by the summer slide, in ways that can affect them years into their education.

The good news is that basic skills are NOT hard to maintain throughout the summer with programs like LIFT Academy.

They will give a pre-assessment to every entering student to asses where they are academically. They will provide remediation and enrichment services in Math and Reading through reteaching, modeling, and other proven intervention techniques. Plus their lessons align with grade level Common Core State Standards.

​They also believe in cultivating well rounded youth. LIFT Alabama is excited to continue to offer field trips to local colleges and local business, hands on workshops involving entrepreneurship, cosmetology, fine arts, athletics culinary skills, STEM, interview skills, job force, problem solving, college and career readiness and MORE.

LIFT Academy is held every Saturday during the summer from 9am-1pm. It FREE to all middle school aged students. Breakfast and lunch is included. The location is at the New Harvest Church of God 1910 14th Ave in Tuscaloosa located in the south side.

For more information on how to register your child call 205-614-3645 or visit 

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