17 Year Old Suspect Arrested For Attempted Murder
The Tuscaloosa Police Dept. and the Violent Crimes Unit were dispatched to the intersection of 20th St. And Dinah Washington Av. on a reported shooting. The victim was located and found to have injuries from being shot with a shotgun. The victim was treated at DCH and will survive...
Do You Think Someone is Watching You?
Information about your past that you feel is private may actually be posted online for others to view. Everything from major life events to your worst mistakes ( arrests, traffic tickets, etc.) could appear!
First 5 Things Every New Dad Needs
I can definitely say, there are some essentials that every father needs when beginning his journey into parenthood. I've put together my top 5 list for every newborn father.
Low-Risk Danger
A consistent Christian is one who maintains a close walk with God when the pressure is off as well as when the pressure is at its peak.

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