Named after the Choctaw chief, Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a major city in Alabama providing many services to its residents and economy. Founded on Dec. 13, 1819, Tuscaloosa is exactly a day older than the state of Alabama, initiated by Congress to the union on the 14th.

Located in Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa currently has 99,543 current residents, not including students from the local universities, the University of Alabama, Stillman College, and Shelton State Community College.

The University of Alabama, the oldest public university in the state, is located in Tuscaloosa and is home to the well-known Crimson Tide. Since its opening in 1831, the university has produced notable celebrities like Joe Scarborough and E.O. Wilson, as well as football characters like Paul W. "Bear" Bryant, Dabo Swinney, Joe Namath, and Derrick Henry. The Crimson Tide Football Team is currently coached by Nick Saban.

Being a college town, there is an extreme amount of local businesses and restaurants. The Tuscaloosa experience would not be complete without Rama Jama’s, City Cafe, Wayside Restaurant, and more. (Check out: https://alt1017.com/you-have-to-eat-at-these-25-tuscaloosa-restaurants-before-you-die/)

Food is not the only thing that Tuscaloosa offers, as the city is a neighbor to many surrounding towns, including Birmingham, which is 45 minutes away. Tuscaloosa has many activities to do on a boring day. With its several lakes and rivers, there are many outdoor experiences. From paddleboarding to hiking, there will always be an adventure nearby.

A local business thrives in Tuscaloosa, with many casual shopping opportunities. With two malls, there is hardly a store you cannot find.

Finding culture around every corner, there are also several museums like the Alabama Museum of Natural History and the Paul W. Bryant Museum, as well as multiple art centers, including the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa and the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center.

The Tuscaloosa community is very diverse, having 23 schools within the Tuscaloosa City Schools system, as well as other private schools where every child can find company.

STUDY: Is Tuscaloosa Getting Enough Sleep?
STUDY: Is Tuscaloosa Getting Enough Sleep?
Adam Knowlden is an Associate Professor of Health Science and is conducting an important sleep study, in conjunction with the University Of Alabama. The program is called SLUMBRx and all information they collect is geared towards understanding how sleep and body weight impact health problems. The program is actively looking for volunteers for the study and those that are selected will be paid $200 for their time during the study.

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