7 Best Indoor Summer Activities in Tuscaloosa
It's summer, and TBH, I am not all that psyched. Summer is THE WORST. It's hot and humid, and by the time August rolls around I am seriously questioning the decision making process that led me to live in the South.
(You can read all the reasons why I HAAAAAAATE Summer here, BTW...
Best Swimming Holes in and Around Tuscaloosa
In Tuscaloosa, we have an abundance of fresh clean swimming pools to go to this Summer. More people than ever have pools in their backyard. That wasn't the case where I grew up. We went swimming in the Cypress Hole on County Rd 21 in Coffeeville. Oh, and Bassets Creek.
Best Frozen Treats in Town
There are few things more brutal than a West Alabama summer. It's hot. It's humid, and heck--it's just plain MISERABLE. Beat the heat this year when you check out our list of the chillest places in and around Tuscaloosa!
5 Great Alabama Vacations
Summer's here, and there's no better way to kick off the season than a vacation. You don't have to travel far to have a good time, and even if there isn't room to budge in your budget, you can still get away for the weekend at one of our state's many travel hot spots...
Free Summer Activities
Another summer is arriving in Tuscaloosa and that means it's time to get out and enjoy the things this city has to offer.
Whether you're a new resident or you've lived here for years, you might not know about some of the great activities that Tuscaloosa has to offer...

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