Leadership Tuscaloosa Is Now Accepting Applications
There's no question that in these times, leadership matters in our city. Who will be the future leaders of West Alabama? Do you know someone who could be a great leader for our city? Leadership Tuscaloosa is a program dedicated to assisting individuals who desire to become more involved in the …
6 Companies That Have Taken A Stand Against Racism
It's been almost 2 weeks since the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This unfortunate killing has forced the usually uncomfortable conversation of racism and inequality to the forefront. Now more than ever, social media is filled with conversations on racial injustice, p…
So Your Emotions Change Your Perception?
Fundamentally, you often use memories of the emotions you have had at one point as a basis for decisions that you make at another point in time, perhaps months or years later. The thing is, you do this all the time and you do it unconsciously.
Petition Started To Rename Buildings With Racist History At UA
The killing of Geroge Floyd has since forced the issue of systemic racism, racial injustice, and police brutality to be discussed publically. Companies like Ben & Jerry's and Lyft have all made public statements about diversity, specifically systemic racism and white supremacy. Those same c…

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