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We all love church however there are times when church can go too long. As the body of believers, we should be meeting together on a regular basis to encourage one another and to receive the word of God and to worship together. However, there are times when services can go on too long due to several different reasons. I believe we can stay in church for a long period of time if possible because we do have to realize we stay on our jobs 8 hours a day and sometimes longer and we stay at other places for long periods of time. However, God should be respected and so should his time and the church members time as well. Here are a few reasons why a church services go too long unnecessarily.


When you do not plan your services out and have an order of service things can go haywire in no time services should be set up in order as God is a God of order. there should always be enough time allotted for praise and worship however sometimes when it gets into entertainment purposes it can drag on. we should plan an and order of service now do note that if the spirit of the Lord and a real move of God is in the building programs and order of services do go out of the window. services should always be conducted in order and always at the end should achieve a goal.


Sometimes we go through the same routines and traditions repeatedly that sometimes don't even have anything to do with God or the Bible. Make sure your services are Bible based and that random people talking and rambling and reiterating point after points can sometimes lead to pointless talking and actually bore people.


there should be a set amount of time for announcements testimony services and offerings. there should always be a time limit on the announcements and sometimes you can even make video announcements in today's modern church to save time. testimony services should be limited to only a few people as to not to drag on services. giving is an important part of our ship however ties and offerings should have a limited window of time for people to give and not allow people to get up and to fundraise or beg during church services.


In today's modern world many people want to be seen and this leads to selfish ambition. We should be preaching Jesus Christ and word of God as pastors and ministers. However, when we lead services for too long people get sleepy tired and frustrated there should be no flesh involved which includes showing off or using lofty words which leads to dead moments in churches.


there should always be a management of minutes and time there should always be a clock in view in time restraints put on programs and some services especially if the spirit of the Lord is not moving during a particular service this can be reduced by limiting the amount of song selections by choirs and praise teams also services should be started on time. alter calls should be done decently in an order and if people need extra help or deliverance there should be ministers available to help them even after service while dismissal has taken place for most of the membership.

Church is an awesome place to be and if we use our time effectively and wisely God can move, lives can be changed, and we could save a lot of time that could be used for other uses of ministry outside of the four walls of the church.

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