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Tuscaloosa native Dr. Tyshawn Gardner is a prolific author and has released two books that is taking the world of theology by storm. Gardner is the former pastor at Plum Grove Baptist Church and a professor at Birmingham's Samford University.

In his first book "Sacred Anthropology: Prophetic Radicalism for Pulpit and Pew" aims to inform and equip pastors and congregations to effect social transformation in times of social crisis in our communities. This text provides the Body of Christ with an understanding of the cultures of other image bearers in order to promote the justice of God in our world. This book draws heavily on the prophetic tradition of the African American church and promotes a robust biblical and theological lens to view humanity.


Dr. Gardener's latest book "Social Crisis Preaching: Biblical Proclamation for Troubled Times" published through is a book that aims to teach pastors and preachers how to promote a biblical social Justice from the pulpit. This book presents a theology for social crisis preaching and a methodology via the social crisis sermon template for preachers to address any social crisis from racism, environmental injustice, poverty, crime, and injustice in the criminal justice system. This book takes a biblical approach to addressing injustice by leveraging the Word of God against spiritual and social sins in our society.


In Spring 2023, Gardner has hosted two book signings in Tuscaloosa at local bookstores and the book is receiving rave reviews and is spectacular read. Add it to your library now. The first book released in October 2022. The second book released in February 2023. Both books are available on Amazon and can be ordered now.

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