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Chris Gholsby is an up-and-coming recording artist, who has been singing since the age of seven. Whether it has been directing the choir at his local church, singing on different occasions throughout the city, singing with local and international groups, performing in musical productions, writing and arranging music, or just simply lending his voice to support. Chris has always been doing his thing in gospel music.

If you are playing Gospel music, Classical music, Pop music, R&B, Jazz and even Country music, then you can hang with Chris!

Born and reared in Montgomery, Alabama, into a family that has always celebrated music from: Gospel, Blues, R&B, Pop and Spirituals. It can be said that being brought up in the church became instrumental in flaming the gift of song within Gholsby, as well as, having piano lessons and voice lessons.

It was not until middle school, high school and college that Gholsby found his niche for singing. He believes that he has been blessed to have glean from some of the best musical influences, and teachers throughout his educational career, who have poured into him immeasurably.

This young artist is still creating a sound that will echo throughout generations. The expression of Chris music is in the tone of inspiration. And we can all be inspired in some way, or form.

Inspiration is found in every genre of music there is. If you are feeling sad, happy or just want a melody that makes you dance. This guy’s music will do!

Chris is currently has his third single titled, “Overtake Us.” released this summer, while completing his first album which is scheduled to be released 2022.

You can purchase and download his current projects: “Its My Time” and “Go and Tell It,” Which is a Christmas song that is sure to help you and your family celebrate the holidays. The singles are available on all digital outlets; Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere music can be digitally purchased.

For booking and contact information email Chris at,

To stay connected to Chris you can add him on Facebook, Chris Gholsby Music Page, and on Instagram, Chris Gholsby Music.

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