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One of Tuscaloosa's rising musical geniuses Nate Cole has returned to the gospel scene with summertime gospel dance jam "I Got It" The song is also a tribute to his late father Bishop Willie Cole who passed this year. Cole believes that his sound his pain is what he writes from his own experiences and the things that he can convert from his life experiences into songs and music. That’s what makes him unique, his sound.


Nathaniel Cole was born to Willie and Helen Cole on November 20, 1980. Nate has been highly gifted him from his mother's womb and set him apart to be different for the work of the ministry. He is also known as Nate Cole in which he is the founder and CEO of Nate Cole Music Group. His parents recognized his musical gift around the age of 5 when he started playing by ear. God began to develop his musical talents and he started composing and creating music in his early teens. His parents believed in him and chose to invest in him, pray over him, and declare the word over him as they observed his maturation in ministry.
Music ministry was not his only calling, he was called into the ministry in 1999 and preached his first sermon in 2000, and as his passion for youth ministry grew, he was later ordained in 2002 as an Elder. As God expanded his territory in ministry over the span of 14 years he has ministered to countless youth, and preached dozens of youth revivals. He also had the opportunity to Pastor True Vine worship Center under his father Bishop Wille Cole in 2014 until God called him to relocate to Atlanta, GA. To a new Birth a new ministry Kingdom Flow Tabernacle," I believe that God has called me to reach and affect lives for the kingdom of God". In January 2014, Nate Cole released a single entitled "KEEP IT MOVIN" which was a contemporary praise song which speaks to today's youth with a great beat and an even better message. Cole just released his new Contemporary Gospel Dance single (I GOT IT) on May 5, 2023, on all digital outlets.
God blessed him to release his very first gospel jazz project entitled "LISTEN" which was mentored by gospel jazz pianist Ben Tankard: He has thousands of fans both national and international who fell in love with his smooth jazz and has coined him as an "Music Therapist". What they are trying to describe in his music is that God has made him an anointed minstrel of worship with a unique anointing to soothe hearts through jazz.
Nathaniel is also a student of the word of God, with a preaching lineage. He is currently earning a BA in Theology from Beacon University, in 2018 Nate became Dr. Nathaniel Cole earning an honorary Doctoral degree.

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