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Celeste Crenshaw is a woman who wears many hats and has released a brand-new gospel release entitled "Come Into This House" in 2022 available on all digital platforms. She had a previous release during the pandemic in 2020 entitled "Time After Time" which much regional success.

Pastor Celeste Crenshaw is the CEO, Founder, and Senior Pastor of Radical Anointing Baptist Church, Fort Deposit, Alabama. She is the Founder of Mind on the Mission Pastors and Leaders Organization, where she brings together pastors and leaders throughout the country together to celebrate, and honor other individuals, who are doing great works in their homes, schools, community, and church. Pastor Celeste Crenshaw is a gospel recording artist with her own record company entitled C’Nice Records.

She is the CEO and Founder of KayJayDeniya Publishing Company, which is where her record company is housed, and is also the company that house her two published books. Pastor Crenshaw is a former member of the NAACP, under Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and E.D. Nixon Chapter Montgomery, Alabama where she served as the Chairperson for Religious Affairs. In 2005, Pastor Crenshaw sponsored a relief drive for the victims of Hurricane Katrina raising over $10,000 worth of clothing, food, and other necessities. In 2010, Pastor Crenshaw sponsored a relief drive to help the earthquake victims of Haiti raising over $5,000 in clothing and monetary donations.


She is the former chaplain for The John Hulett Detention Facility, where she preached the gospel for 16 years, baptizing 414 inmates' including men and women. Pastor Crenshaw is an inventor of two inventions, designed to solve one problem at a time. The Child Protect Censor and The Sta-Rite Bag. Crenshaw is also a wife, mother, and grandmother. 

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