WELL, it looks that way. According to multiple sources.

Rumors online in the 2010's, claimed that a Walmart managers conference in 2012, directed store managers to let shoplifters go.

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Especially in cases of petty thefts. As the story went, Walmart already had an insurance policy that covered shoplifting.

Supposedly, they did not want to risk a lawsuit after an employee chased down shoplifters.

The rumors really took hold after stories of employee firings made national news. The employees were fired for ignoring the directive and chasing down shoplifters.

Like THIS MANAGER who tackled a shoplifter that was threatening to shoot customers.

And this...

NOW, stories of a new renewed effort to go after shoplifters is getting lots of attention online. In addition, the problems seem to come from the "self-checkout" areas of the store.

This woman was shocked after two Walmart employees came out of nowhere and dragged her into an "interrogation room". She too had just used the "self-checkout". Listen to her story below:

I use these "self-checkout" islands all the time. It is highly possible to hurry through the checkout, as people are waiting behind you, and make a mistake.

If you forget that bottle of water I do not want to be grabbed and forced into any room. Ever.

This report tells the story of a customer at Walmart getting arrested after spending over $2,000! He forgot to scan one small, very cheap item and went through a very unpleasant experience that included the local sheriff.

I understand the concern Walmart. If it is this big of a deal, how about this.


Yeah, right.

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