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Christopher Bell has released a new release entitled "Rise Above & Worship" in July 2022 made up of nine tracks. He was recently featured on FOX 6 WBRC in Birmingham. Bell has a talent that can minister through guitar like none other.

Christopher Jermaine Bell, aka the "Inspirational Guitarist" is a native of Birmingham, AL, and loves connecting and sharing music around the world. Since birth, Christopher has shown interest and pursued music. Instantly, he was infatuated with the guitar. Christopher is affectionately known for his infectious bright smile and warm welcome towards others.


Music serves as the heartbeat and rhythm that allows him to focus daily. Infused with passion, he believes he was created to build up others naturally when performing on the strings, and spiritually invigorate when producing music that inspires the soul. He has been blessed to have a remarkable musical journey in his life while serving and sharing the stage with countless renowned artists around the world.

Today his prayer is that everyone who hears his music will be inspired to live and love the best life that they've been given.

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