DeNico Davis is 22 years old gospel recording artist out of Montgomery, Alabama and attends Faith Church under Bishop Freddrick Hardy.

He was bullied by the same guys for 2 years straight but never spoke up only because he was scared for for his own life. He was being called names,getting kicked around, pushed against lockers, books thrown at him, and even jumped multiple of times.

Davis says it all started at Bellingrath Middle School. He was new to the school and minding his own business. One day, some guys came up to him and started taking his things and would push him around for the fun of it. They would take his gym clothes so he wouldn’t play at P.E. and hit him in the face with super hard basketballs. Every time he tried getting help he was afraid of opening up my mouth only because they would threaten to hurt him even worse and they would find out where he lived and would hurt my family as well. 

Davis was scared and couldn’t run to anyone. He wanted to tell his mother so bad but he just couldn’t. Afterwards, his mother discovered what had been going on only because one of the teachers noticed his  behavior had changed. Davis ended up transferring and getting away from the bullying.

The same guys end up going to the same High School with him in his freshman year which was MPAC. MPAC is a trade school where he took up welding. DeNico would come home with burn marks and would just say he burnt himself. His story turned for the worse. The guys would have him to steal things from the store for them and be the lookout for them when they did things that were not right. He would cry day and night praying that someone noticed. The principal called him to her office one day asking what had been going on with him because one of the students had told her they had saw Davis crying. He told her what was going on but she didn’t care so she left everything alone and never really looked his way after that. 

Davis had been fed up and finally told his mother.  She took matters into her own hands and had a private meeting with his teachers and principal. Things calmed down for a while after that. They started picking him up on the lockers and hitting me in the stomach like a month later. They had him to be the look out why they set the bathroom on fire which caused him to get put out of that school. He ended up going to PACE which is a alternative school in Montgomery. They didn’t bully him over much. They would verbally abuse him from time to time but it was better than being beat up.

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DeNico transferred to Lee  High School and had some trouble there. He was fed up and tired. Davis had a strong suicidal spirit that continued to bother him. He got home one day and hung himself. It was a suicide attempt. Thankfully, his brother and dad found him or else he wouldn't here today and wouldn’t have a testimony to tell.

He wakes up every morning thanking God for giving him another chance at life. He is glad to still be here. Davis hates that he went through the things he went through but he is  also glad because he sees a lot of kids now going through the same hurt he felt and ge get to help them through it. It bothers him to see on the news that some people younger than him have taken their life because of bullying. He tries so hard to reach out to the youth. Suicide shouldn’t be the result!

DeNico Davis is realizing that he am able to share his  story with a lot of people and it helps him to minister the way that he does and it gives him the courage to write the songs he does. DeNico releases his new single "Take Over" to all digital platforms in August 2021.

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