I learn something new every single day.

Lately, it's about the dreaded belly-crawling snake.

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I'm not a fan.

This story involves a friend of mine in Tuscaloosa, with a farm. A beautiful farm with many animals. My friend, B.J. Perkins, runs Tuscaloosa's platinum-rated car dealership, Townsend Nissan. A fantastic place, that I have done business with multiple times.

B.J. loves Tuscaloosa, people, his family and his farm. Recently, he left Townsend Nissan early because his farm was reportedly under attack.

Much like many folks are doing of late, B.J. has chickens on the farm. There's nothing like those farm-fresh eggs.

His chickens were under attack from the snake known as the Eastern rat snake. Or, "Chicken Snake".

Photo: BJ Perkins/DC Daniel @Townsquare Media
Photo: BJ Perkins/DC Daniel @Townsquare Media

Notice the BULGE in his belly from dining on TWO chickens by the time he was caught.

You can see it even better in this photo, below.

Photo: BJ Perkins/DC Daniel@Townsquare Media
Photo: BJ Perkins/DC Daniel@ Townsquare Media

He had eaten his "last supper" on this Tuscaloosa farm.

I'm sorry, I was completely ignorant of the fact that a "chicken snake" could eat an ENTIRE DANG CHICKEN!

I can't believe it, and now check out the video of the moment that snake was "busted" after the crime.
***WARNING*** This footage is graphic and could upset some viewers opposed to killing a snake ***WARNING***

@ikedaniel7My Tuscaloosa friend caught this snake after he had already eaten two of his chickens!

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*Video courtesy of IkeDaniel7/TikTok

I have covered more snake stories this summer than any year, ever.

What is going on? Is this normal this time of year or a bit unusual?

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