Whatever. I don't like spiders and snakes.

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Sorry, I know they have a reason they're here and without them the planet would be in trouble.

Blah, blah, blah. I still don't want them around me.

According to the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division, the extremely rare Eastern Indigo snake has slithered into Alabama.

This is only the second discovery in the last 60+ years.

Indigo's are federally listed protected species, and permits are required to handle these snakes. Don't worry. I want no part of "handling" this snake.

They say it's non-venomous but that doesn't change my views.


Photo: Francesca Erickson/Outdoor Alabama
Photo: Francesca Erickson/Outdoor Alabama

Did you hear about the lady in Alabama that was staying at a cheap motel and woke up with a snake in her bed???

Yeah, that's right. A SNAKE IN HER BED.

I know, it's not the first time a woman has awakened to find a snake in her bed.

Yet, I do not want one literally in bed with me.

Here's what she had to say about the incident below.

I don't know if that lady sued that motel but I am confident I would have.

The snake was in her bed. OK, moving on.

This video is amazing. It's another reason I love dogs. They protect their family.

It's also amazing to me that dogs know how to kill a snake. A deadly venemous snake, no less.

*Video: Kalley Neves/YouTube

That dog better get a huge reward for killing that snake.

I'm pretty certain that one was venemous for sure.

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