I have always preached to my kids that they should value the relationship with siblings.

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Foster it and take care of one of the only relationships that will always be around even when a spouse runs out on you.

These Alabama siblings will be close forever, I am willing to bet.

At this time, the family has asked to keep some names and details private.

It happened near Huntsville, in a town the family has lived in for 50 years or more.

Remember the kidnapping attempts that you always heard about in the '80's and '90's?

Kids on the side of milk cartons and etc.

This reminds me of that kind of kidnapping attempt. I spoke with the mother of the first child to be pictured on a milk carton, Noreen Gosch, for this story.

One day, I want to tell you Noreen's entire AMAZING story. It's jaw dropping.

Noreen believes that there are powerful people that were involved with her son, Johnny's, kidnapping. And, most alarming, she is convinced some of those same powerful groups are active today.

And she has some very hard-to-ignore proof that I have viewed and examined.

This little girl, in Alabama, had been watched and stalked for several days. Maybe weeks. She is only 12-years old. Later, in this story, you will hear from her and her family.

After days of that, the twisted criminals, made their move to grab her and throw her in their vehicle.

Thank God the family saw everything and went after the 12-year old girl.

Yet, her brother, only 9, jumped into action to save his "sissy".

Now, listen as the family, including the little hero, talk about this frightening experience.

[*Voices slightly altered for their privacy]

*Audio: DC Daniel/Townsquare Media


How intense was that? I can not imagine the trauma. At this time, police are still looking for the perpetrators.

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