Update: On September 2nd, 2013, former Iraq war veteran and Tuscaloosa Police Officer, Jared Timp, lost his battle with cancer. He died surrounded by his family at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Jared is survived by his young son, Magnus.

After graduating from the police academy in 2006, Jared Joseph Timp began his career as a Tuscaloosa Police Officer. Four years later, he was deployed to Iraq with the Alabama National Guard. During his overseas tour, his son Magnus was born.

Jared Joseph Timp graduated from the police academy in 2005 and is regarded as quiet with not much regard for idle chit chat. Good friend, Sara Brissie said in all the years she's known Jared, the longest conversation she's ever had with him was about a weed eater.

In 2009, Jared and his best friend, Jared Olvey, were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army National Guard. When he returned home a year later, Timp resumed his position as a Tuscaloosa police officer and began work in the Crime Suppression Unit.

One year after coming home, he noticed a suspicious mole on his back. Jared would soon learn he was suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer. Throughout an aggressive chemotherapy campaign, he continued to work. Initially, his prognosis was good but after a devastating appointment with an Oncologist in Birmingham, Jared learned the cancer had moved to his lymph nodes. His singular concern became his young son, Magnus.

Officer Olvey thinks all fathers should emulate Jared’s relationship with his son because despite the pain he endured from his chemotherapy, his son never lacked for quality time with his dad. From fishing at the pond to learning how to swim, Timp fought through the pain of his treatment just so Magnus could enjoy himself.

Olvey says of his friend, ‘He's strong, smart, a loving father, a great friend, and by far the most solid person I've ever met. His quiet demeanor is often misinterpreted.  There's
a lot to him that most people don't realize. I look forward to seeing him when I get home’. 

Thank you, Officer Timp for your service to our community, our country and for always displaying the kindness to others you're so well-known for.

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