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Jeffrezz Jefferson is the son of Traci & Marcus Jefferson. Born on April 14, 1997, in Georgia, at an early age, his parents knew there was a special anointing on his life and that he was sent to spread love through music and ministry. At the age of 7, Jeffrezz began to use the gift that God had given him at churches, school programs, and community events.

At the age of 10, God allowed him to further walk into the anointing of ministering through music. He has a heart for transforming people through the power of words of songs that he sings. Jeffrezz took a great interest in worship through music and has been ministering the Word of God for over eight years.

In October 2016, he released his debut single, "He Was There" featuring Mercedes Elston to all digital retail outlets. Jefferson is a known fashion trendsetter as well.  He has been ecnouraged to start work on a new release as well.

Through his ministry, Jeffrezz has been a vessel to lead people to God and his word. He has been invited as a guest throughout the United States, using his gift to spread love and encouragement through the message of Jesus Christ. Most importantly, Jeffrezz is committed to being God’s ambassador by spreading love, joy, and Jesus everywhere he goes. Jeffrezz also ventured into entrepreneurship as a photographer and a self-taught graphic designer, among his gifts and talents. He has created special graphics for all kinds of needs.

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