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T.G. Unity has released its long awaited first song entitled "Faith".  This Alabama based gospel group has released a song that they have serenaded thousands with over the years.  They are now sharing this song from God with the world. This song was birth out of a young man's struggle with life and death situations.  God stepped in and the rest is history.
T G Unity is a new and upcoming group from the Mobile, Alabama area. This group was created and the brainchild of Tyreke Gamble. TG Unity is composed of men and women who love the Lord and are willing to give Him the praise. The group has performed at many events within the city as well as the Voices of Gospel Music Awards.
TG Unity new single, “Faith” got its start six years before its release. Tyreke Gamble, leader of the group, began singing and writing at the age of 14. In 2014, he entered a dark place in his life. Through much prayer and mentoring, he started picking up the pieces and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and through his pain and healing process, he wrote the songs, “He Paid It All” and “Faith”. God also gave him the vision of his own singing group, TG Unity.
You can find "Faith" on all digital outlets.

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