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That's 100 percent RIGHT. That needs to be the law of the land.


It didn't matter that her beautiful little girl was standing in a parking lot in Northport, Alabama. It didn't matter that her beautiful little girl could barely catch her breath because she was crying so hard.


She didn't want her mom, to get in a car with her new boyfriend, and head thousands of miles away.


Did it matter to this mother? Not one bit.

I know. I was there and witnessed the whole thing as it broke my heart.


This happened to my children a few years ago. At the time, my wife and I had 4 children 2 of whom were very young.

9 years old. 12 years old. They thought they were extremely close to their mother. So this ripped them apart.


I don't give a you-know-what about my wife cheating and wanting to move in with her new boyfriend.

That has no bearing on what I believe needs to be a LAW IN ALABAMA and every other state.




Ask yourself a question if you are a mom or a dad.

Could you EVER abandon your child?


I don't even have the capacity for that thought to enter my brain in a serious way.

It's simply unthinkable.

Mothers say the birthing process binds them to their child for life. At least I have heard many moms make that statement.


So how could you drive off and leave your child behind?

Any "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" that would even want this to happen is simply a piece of trash. Sorry, but it's true.

I propose a law that makes it an automatic loss of rights if you are found to have abandoned your precious child.

Why let them come back and hurt that child some more?

If they truly have changed, let them sue and take their chances in court.

That's just how strongly I feel when it comes to the kind of abuse abandonment causes children.

More on this, is coming next week.

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