Why do people discriminate against each other? What is exactly their motive? What is it that one expects to gain by resorting to this type of injustice? It appears to me that if we truly understand the answers to these questions, it can help us stop discriminating against each other, and enable us to understand and help those who find themselves discriminating against us.

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In the aftermath of all of the recent shootings race. People of all races discriminate against those within their own race. It is very important to understand where discrimination come from, and how we can open ourselves to the Holy Spirit to cleanse it from our hearts

There are many reason why we discriminate, whether it is against another race, or another person within our race. W may be insecure and feel a need to tear others down as a way of raising ourselves up. All of us are vulnerable to feelings of inferiority , insecurity and inadequacy.


Whether it is race, socio-economics, disabilities, cultural value, just as we are. Recognizing and accepting this, it elevated us without inflating us, and humbles us without debasing us. Christians should get this right. If we do not, who will? The very truth commands us, and the Holy Spirit strengthens us. As we love our neighbors as ourselves, let us do them as we would have them to unto us.

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