Who Is The Best Teacher?

As I talk to young people concerning preparing for the future, I have had several say something like this: "We must get into the world to experience ungodly situations and ungodly people in order to grow stronger." This type of thinking has swallowed up many immature Christians and eventually turned them against God. Sure, we are in the world (John 17:15) and we are exposed to non-Christian situations, but we need to be very careful that this exposure to those situations does not lead to embracing ungodly thinking. All of us would mature faster by following the divine pattern suggested in ( Psalm1:1)

First, let's not allow our decisions and choices be controlled by the "counsel of the ungodly." Second, we should not place ourselves in a place where those who don't know Jesus can unduly influence our thoughts. Third, let's avoid getting comfortable with those who mock God. His Word and His role in our lives so that their thinking seems right to us.

Counsel from such sources can lead us away from God. Instead, it's best to get our training, our guidance, and our advice from God's holy Word and those who really know it, love and live it. God and His Word, not experiences, are our best teacher. allow God's Word fill your memory, rule your heart, and guide you life.

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