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Praise 93.3 & 790 WTSK salutes Pastor and Prophet Gabriel Poe of the Outpour Ministries Church of Tuscaloosa as our Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week! Pastor Poe has numerous gifts that has helped many people throughout West Alabama and his new church is making a great impact and growing daily.

Pastor Gabriel A. Poe knew as a child the Lord's hand was upon his life. Born in a family of 8 sisters and brothers, Gabriel credits his deep-faith roots to his parents, Deacon Artis & Evangelist Emma Poe. His mother states the Lord instructed her to name her baby boy Gabriel Aaron; she knew the prophetic surrounded his life even with his name. Being raised at the Poplar Springs CME Church in Reform, AL. Gabriel knew he was different from his peers as he tried to fit in and was unsuccessful. He decided to run from his calling to preach as a pre-teen. After wrestling with God for a while, Gabriel stopped running and gave his life to the Lord in February 2006 while on his job. This is a testament that God can save you anywhere at any time! He says a weight was lifted as beforehand he felt the very life draining from his body.

Gabriel was happy to be saved but he felt something was still missing. Gabriel began seeking the Father for a helpmate. On November 26, 2006, the Lord answered his prayer by simply whispering the name of a young lady he'd met two years earlier. The Lord simply said, Felicia Cole. That very day, he drove to her church literally being led by God himself. They met and in April 2007, Gabriel married the love of his life and they began their lives as one.  Therefore, not being made known at the time to Gabriel & Felicia, the Lord established the name Walking by Faith as the objective of their perspective ministries while they were living only 20 minutes away.

In August 2007, Gabriel preached his first sermon entitled, 'How Strong is your Faith?' From that moment God began manifesting the prophetic mantle that rested on him. Gabriel worked diligently at the True Vine Pentecostal Church as an Associate Minster, Brotherhood Chairman and any other facet of ministry needed. He then served at Divine Destiny Apostolic Church for three years under the tutelage of Pastor Easter Robertson. From jail ministry to Sunday school teacher to alter worker, Gabriel studied to show himself approved; rightly dividing the word of God. He instantly became a mentor to young men without fatherly guidance in the community. Gabriel was promoted to the office of Elder, January 2012. He was then ordained Pastor March 2014. Soon after Gabriel was Affirmed Prophet in The Lords church in October 2017, under the leadership of Bishop Corey & Prophetess Rashun Rice of Covenant of Faith Family of Churches in Columbus, Georgia. Gabriel continues to work in all due diligence and excellence inside and outside the realms of the Church. Currently he is the servant leader of Outpour Ministries in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

 Above all, Gabriel's most crowning achievement is his family and he credits his up-bringing and longtime desire for a family of his own as his chief motivation. He is married to his dream girl of nearly 15 years, Felicia and is the proud father of three lovely children, Korneaus, 23, Gabriel II, 13, & Arianna, 11. He is also employed with Peco Foods Incorporated as he has been a faithful employee for 17 years. This is a Man of God after God’s heart who also seeks the continual up building of the Kingdom of God.

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