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Praise 93.3 & 790 WTSK salutes our Tuscaloosa Pastor of the Week, Pastor Adam Robertson of Salt of the Earth Ministries Church of Tuscaloosa. He is known by many in the community as "Dough Boy". Robertson is active on social media and the community through his ministry. He served under Pastor Mary Rose James of Bethel Spiritual Church of Tuscaloosa for many years and then moved to serve under other local ministries.

Pastor Adam C. Robertson is the Senior Pastor and founder of Salt of the Earth Ministry Church known simply as SOTE or #WeAreSOTE was originally founded in 2010 after Robertson served and helped launch other ministries in the Tuscaloosa area. SOTE came from the vision of Lady Stephanie Robertson having the vision of a women's ministry S.A.L.T. Sisters Abiding in Light and Truth.


Pastor Robertson felt the urge and nudging of the Holy Ghost that there was more for him to do for the city of Tuscaloosa and the Kingdom of God. In 2011, Pastor Robertson dissolved SOTE vision to serve as first assistant  pastor for a local church in Tuscaloosa. In 2019, Robertson then was led to serve his eldest brother whom is also his Pastor Freddie Robertson and with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, SOTE was relaunched in 2020.

The church has moved into their newest location located off of Highway 69 South on Bear Creek Road where services are held in person and virtually due to the pandemic.

Pastor Robertson embraces his Pentecostal background, Baptist hymnal, quartet roots and always has a very energetic service from start to finish. Pastor Robertson is the husband of Stephanie H. Robertson and the father of 5 children. Roberston's favorite thing is going where most wouldn't dare and loving those that have lost hope. He has adopted the slogan "We Are Some Imperfect People Serving A Perfect God". Pastor Robertson's favorite scripture is Luke 4:18 and the church scripture is Matthew 5:13. Robertson can be seen embracing a style that's make him Pastor Dough.

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