Over the last year or so, we've heard a lot about the use of synthetic marijuana and how medical facilities were seeing an increase in those seeking treatment for its effects. Well, last week, I was able to put a face to the stories we've heard.

We've all seen videos similar to this (Warning: contains strong language):


Last week, friend of mine divulged that her sister had overdosed on Spice (or mojo, as it's also called).  She'd been hospitalized and was fighting for her health and possibly her life. Well, early last week, she shared the news that her sister was not only stabilizing but that she also wanted to share her experience as a way of preventing others from experimenting with the synthetic substance.

Luckily, this lady has recuperated and is able to share her story, but this young lady's story had to be told through her family:

Hopefully, the use of social media will be effective in exposing the dangers of synthetic marijuana and end its use.