Well, we still are plagued from the 20th Century with unrest due to perceived unfair policing of minorities and minority communities. To mention some examples: the riots in Cincinnati in 2001 which were sparked by the killing of 19 year-old Timothy Thomas by a caucasian policeman. The 2014 Ferguson, Missouri riots that happened against a backdrop of racial unrest between police and the black community. Similar  incidents have occurred in other places such as the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida, which sparked somewhat smaller protests.

Now we see the same drama of racial unrest played out in Baltimore, Maryland. It appears that where you find Justice unfairly administered coupled with Frustration, it creates the atmosphere for explosive disaster.

If you read back in history you will find the very first racial unrest of note occurred in Cincinnati in 1829, This racial unrest was against African Americans resulting in thousands fleeing to Canada.

History has a peculiar way of repeating itself. What Do You Think?