This weekend, I put my face through a lot of changes, which I NEVER do.  But since my coworkers and family members (you know, those who see me regularly) seem to be so wowed, I figured I'd share what went down this weekend!

Ever since I was introduced to a skin care regimen, other than just washing my face, I have been a fan of Mary Kay (thanks to Deidra White and Patrice Smith)! The company's products just work well for my skin.  Wait! Before I get into this and have people coming at me, I admit that I've never had really problematic skin.  I have had an occasional pimple here and there, and I have naturally rosy cheeks, but that’s about it.  So, for a long time, I’ve been a fan of Mary Kay’s Age-Fighting Cleanser and Moisturizer as well as the Day-time and Night-time solutions.  I also love their Satin Lips and Satin Hands products, although I haven’t been a consistent user.  My next favorite product is probably the tinted moisturizer.  I use it when I want a little color but don’t want to really look “made up.”

So, last week, I received a microdermabrasion sample from my friend Tammy Boyd, who is a consultant with Rodan + Fields. I had seen Tammy go from having problematic skin to now having the smoothest, even skin! So, when she sent me a sample, I decided to give it a try.  Now, I will admit that I was a skeptic. I didn’t think anything could treat my face better than my Mary Kay. Honey, I put that stuff on my face and massaged it in a gentle, circular motion.  When I rinsed it off, the skin on my face felt as soft and supple as the skin on my lips! I was amazed…So amazed that I immediately sent Tammy a text, totally ignoring the fact that it wasn’t even 8a.m. on a Saturday.

I decided to go without makeup or tinted moisturizer that day because I was headed to the Insane Inflatable 5K, and to look made up for an event like that would have been too much to me. So, I opted for my regular moisturizer, lip gloss, and eyeliner and kept it moving.

I will admit, however, that it was impossible for me to keep my fingers off my face.  I just kept touching it in disbelief and even had others to feel how smooth and soft my face was.  That evening, I washed my face, applied a renewing moisturizer before bed, and woke up with my skin feeling great.

I got dressed and did my regular makeup and went to church.  After church, I completely cleaned my face of all makeup, covered my face with shea butter, and went to a makeup class taught by celebrity makeup artist Nachera “Cherry” Brown, who’d asked me to be her model as she taught others to perfect their own faces. 

Before selfie: face clean and ready to go!


Because I was her model, everything she had students doing to themselves, she actually applied to my face.  The result was that I left that class with a professional makeover! I immediately kicked myself for canceling my Saturday hair appointment.

After selfie.... And nowhere to go!

That lady had my face looking SO GOOD that I couldn’t wash it off.  I slept on my back like I was in a casket, careful not to let anything touch my face. I couldn’t wait to get up Monday morning, get dressed, put on my hair ( <--Yes, you read that right!), and take a pic.

When I got home from work, I washed off my makeup but held on to the lashes. So, today, I’m back to normal, but for at least 18 hours, I felt more glamorous than I have in my entire life!  It was a wonderful feeling, but I feel just as great being plain old me: moisturizer, eyeliner, and lipgloss.

Back to plain old me! Eyeliner and lipgloss work for me for everyday wear. Gotta admit I'm digging these lashes, though.