Today, we head to the polls to cast our votes for some very important positions. The worst thing we've ever done was placed more emphasis on the presidency than our local elections. Here's why.

The president relies significantly on Congress. To have a president without a Congress to back his/her agenda or to modify an idea to make it suitable for the majority of American citizens is basically a waste. In addition, municipal elections affect citizens more directly than federal orders. Leaders in Washington couldn't care less about whether or not your street has signs and lights. Neither are they concerned about established noise ordinances. There are too many dilapidated buildings across the nation for their eyes to focus on aging school buildings. However, our local politicians are members of our own communities who are also affected by decisions made in local government.

So, I urge you..... If you have not yet looked into local elections, take a few minutes to learn about your candidates before heading to the polls.

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