The Grammy buzz in on today! Everybody is talking about Chris Rock and the job he did at the Oscar’s. Well personally I think Chris kept in real. Chris was himself, what you saw last night was the real Chris Rock.

Honestly I can say that I had never heard of ‘Spotlight’ until last night. But that’s typical of the Oscar’s. I have noticed throughout the year that movies that set box office records aren’t usually nominated for an Oscar.

Here’s a bit of Oscar history for you that’s also a bit of black history. 76 years ago Hattie McDaniel became the first African American to win the Oscar Award for her role as ‘Mammy in the movie ‘Gone with the Wind’. She was not only the first African American to win the award; she was the only woman to win this award until Whoopi Goldberg won the award for her role in the movie ‘Ghost’.

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