To say that I had a full weekend would be an understatement! I had a ball at Kidabaloo interacting with our listeners and seeing my daughter and nieces enjoy themselves. After Kidabaloo, we went to the Pretty Brown Girl Day event at the Weeping Mary Baptist Church, where I became an emotional mess. Here's what happened.

Kerri Ash established the Pretty Brown Girl Club #88 (Tuscaloosa, AL) after discovering the national club while searching for an event to celebrate her birthday a few years ago. Since that time, each year as she's planning the local celebration for Pretty Brown Girl Day, I reach out and ask her what she needs me to do to assist. Her words are always, "Nothing, really." Every now and then, she'll tell me to let her know if I come across specific information. But that's about it.

I called her last week and told her I planned to bring my daughters and nieces to the event. Luckily, Kerri did as she would normally do and prepared for more than those who'd registered.... You know.... The procrastinators.... Essentially, ME!

So, I left Kidabaloo, got the girls fed, and headed to PBGD. Got the girls inside and then went to the ATM to get the money to cover their registration. When I came back, I made my way to my seat with the girls during a presentation, and my aunt goes, "They already called you up." Confusion covered my face.


"They called YOU. Read your bio and everything."

"ME? Nobody told me I was supposed to host anything!"

At this point, I'm wondering if Kerri had asked me to host it and I just forgot or what. I started going through the messages between us, and figured she must have THOUGHT she asked me to host it but forgot herself. Imagine my surprise when she called me to the front to receive an award!

I am so used to ambushing people, but it NEVER happens to me! I keep a pretty low profile. I can be in a small room and go completely unnoticed. I'm just not an attention hound. I like knowing the job is being done. For a person to show appreciation for my work is satisfying, whether my name is called or not.

With that being said, I GREATLY appreciate all of the love shown towards me. I've never really seen myself as a role model because I want every child I meet to do so much better than me. But it gave my heart a great dose of medicine to simply be told, "Thank you for all you do."

Those few words go such a long way, even if being paid for the work being done. I challenge all employers to pull individual employees to the side and simply say, "Thank you." Then, watch the quality of their work improve.