Snakes. Why's it gotta be snakes?

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That's close to what Harrison Ford says in one of those Indiana Jones movies we've all seen.


*Courtesy of YouTube/CFQOnline

Not many of us love snakes and those that do are just plain weird.

In my humble opinion.

This past weekend a West Alabama man named Chris (last name withheld) was hanging around Lake Tuscaloosa on Saturday afternoon.

He had his two sons (both under 13 years of age) along for the afternoon fun and he saw something strange a few yards before him.

As we all know these venomous, deadly snakes are great at blending in with their surroundings.

I've seen videos and photos of snakes just inches away from people who don't know that danger is lurking around them.

This video looks like this snake is way too close for my comfort.

One of the main things about this video is that it helps to identify this snake near Lake Tuscaloosa.

If you know what kind of snake is in this video please comment below.

Some have commented that they believe it is a highly venomous snake.

OK, let's take a look at the video below.
By the way, I added the dangerous/menacing-sounding music because that's what I hear when I look at this thing.


@ikedaniel7What deadly snake is this? I found it near Lake Tuscaloosa.♬ Danger - SoundAudio


*Courtesy of TikTok/ikedaniel7


That triangular-shaped head makes me very, very nervous.

Here's a few comments from TikTok:

That is the lethal garter snake worms and crickets are no match for.

One I don’t want to be near.

it's a water moccasin.

Triangular head is usually a viper. Leave it alone

that's not a garter snake looks more like a viper


What do you say?

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