When a friend of mine lost his cell phone at the beach, he thought it was gone forever.. A week or so later, a fisherman called him. He has found the phone, still functional after it dried out of a 20 pound Red Snapper.

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Life is full of odd stories, and we find more than a few of them in the Bible. One day tax collectors came to Peter demanding to know, "Doesn't your teacher pay the temple tax?"(Matthew 17:24). Jesus turned the situation into a teaching moment.He wanted Peter to understand His role as king. Taxes were not collected from the children of the king, and the Lord made it clear that neither He nor His children owed any temple tax.

Yet Jesus wanted to be careful not to "cause offense", so He told Peter to go fishing. Peter found a coin in the mouth of the first fish he caught. What on earth is Jesus doing here? A better question is, "What in God's kingdom is Jesus doing?" He is the rightful Kind, even when many do not recognize Him as such. When we accept His role as Lord in our lives, we become His children.


Life will still throw its various demands at us, but Jesus will provide for us. As I once heard it said "When we are fishing for our Father, we can depend on Him for all we need."

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