Have you ever heard the expression, "do not feed the trolls" refers to a new problem in today's digital world - online users who repeatedly post intentionally inflammatory and hurtful comments on news or social media discussion boards. But by ignoring such comments - not "feeding" the trolls - makes it much harder for them to derail a conversation.

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Of course, it's nothing new to encounter persons who are not genuinely interested in productive conversation. "do not feed the trolls" could almost be a modern equivalent of (Proverbs 26:4), which warns that arguing with an arrogant, non-believing  person risks stooping to their level. Even the most seemingly stubborn person is also a priceless image - bearer of God. If we are quick to dismiss others, we may be the ones in danger of being arrogant and becoming not receptive to God's grace (Matthew 5:22).

That may, in part explain why (Proverbs 26:5) offers the opposite guideline. Because it takes humble, prayerful dependence on God to discern how best to show others love in each situation. Sometimes we speak up; other times, it is better to be silent.

Oli Scarff, Getty Images
Oli Scarff, Getty Images

May we find peace in knowing that the same God who drew us near while we were still in hardened opposition to Him (Romans 5:6) is powerfully at work in each person's heart.

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