That is it. I'm done.

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I don't know where I can go or what I can do.

However, as of today, I officially resign my citizenship on planet Earth. Can I do that?

It seems extreme, I understand that. Yet, when SNAKES start falling from the dang heavens, this is like END OF THE WORLD type madness.

Imagine this scenario in your life. You move from Alabama to Texas as this lady did, and you are simply doing a few chores around your home. That's when the Biblical prophecy-type stuff hits you from above.

*Video from KPRC 2/YouTube

Snakes and my home state of Alabama have a long, dubious history.

I know this and I have agreed to the risks of living in the Deep South.


I was not aware of that time, that preacher guy, tried to MURDER his wife using a dang RATTLESNAKE!

Yeah, it happened. If, like me, you have not heard of this crazy snake story, well, this is for you and me.

*Video from Stream Source Trailers/YouTube

Murder by rattlesnake. Only in Alabama?

No way. That could also happen in Florida.

Let's wrap up this edition of nutty snake news with a bit of a HERO.

I think he is definitely a hero. He is a delivery driver and he faced a rattlesnake while trying to make a delivery.


I would absolutely give him a big, big tip this Christmas.

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