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I mean, come on, without it, Alabama softball would be out of the Women's College World Series.

The baseball team has also benefitted from double elimination in their tournament run last month.

The reality is that Alabama football is KING in Tuscaloosa and beyond! Much more on that later.

Nate Oates is definitely a rising star with Bama Nation.

Maryland v Alabama
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The pitching for Alabama softball had a rough outing against Tennessee and lost by a score of 10-5.

I got into a bit of an argument, recently, with someone who covers Crimson Tide sports and it led to this article.

The individual was very upset with Alabama fans in West Alabama (mainly) because of our love of football.

Alabama Spring Football Game
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That's right. His argument was that fans here ONLY support Alabama football and have no love for softball, baseball, basketball, and all others.

My response was that Alabama football has a long and very, very successful history with multiple championships.

Wrong or right, championships are what all athletic competition is judged on.

Most coaches and athletes are judged the same way. Nick Saban has won SEVEN championships.

Alabama Spring Football Game
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That is what his legacy will be.


Hopefully, Coach Saban's legacy will be EIGHT or NINE championships before he is done.

My argument is that fans love a winner. Alabama football has a WINNING legacy and history.

We had an incredible basketball season this past year. However, the elusive final-four win is still absent from the Crimson Tide.

It's just what sports is all about. I argued (with the guy that was arguing on behalf of all OTHER Alabama sports) that Dan Marino is a great example of what I am talking about.

Maybe the greatest QB in the history of football and he still gets crap from people because he never won a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Dolphins V Bears
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In addition, I maintain that softball and baseball need to take a lesson from football (and basketball for that matter) and get rid of the double elimination.

Football is exciting because it all comes down to ONE game.


It brings out the best in the games.

I'm also not a fan, really, of the 7-game series.

I do understand the reasons for it and it doesn't bother me like DOUBLE ELIMINATION.

2022 NCAA Division I Women's Softball Championship
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Double elimination, is obviously something that rewards losers.

I wish it was not that way. It would be more interesting to the fans.

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