Snakes! I have had it with these MOTHER-LOVING snakes on this MOTHER-LOVING plane!

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Isn't that what actor Samuel L. Jackson screams in the cable-edited version of "Snakes On A Plane"?

Notice I mentioned the EDITED version of the film. It has always bothered me when it is aired on cable television because Samuel L. Jackson doesn't talk like that!

It doesn't bother me as much as the snakes.

Desert Threat
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When I moved back to Alabama in 2017, I started to hear stories from friends about snakes in their houses.

Snakes in their bathrooms. Snakes in their TOILETS!


However, it can not be worse than what Kay, who lives near Thorsby, Alabama.

Understand, she is going through a major dispute in the county and asked me to provide limited personal information.

She has been through so much and this is the least that I can do.

Australia's Deadliest Animals
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That is one ugly creature. A snake lover sent me the photo below, of a rat and a snake, that have become "friends" while living in a zoo.

Check it out.

Hamster And Snake Form A Friendship At Tokyo Zoo
Getty Images

The rat sitting on the head of the snake. Awwwww, isn't that adorable?


Can you imagine moving into a new home and being excited before you spot the first snake slithering across the floor?

I'd rather not, thank you.

So far, since moving into the home, Kay has seen 36 snakes in her house.

That is three dozen, in case you are not up to doing some math.

These snakes, Kay and her wildlife experts believe, are living in the walls.

Deadly Reptiles Go On Show At Children's Zoo
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That's right. The house was empty for a few years and they believe these snakes have been living in the walls for quite some time.

It is happening in other places too.

As I was interviewing Kay, I was made aware of another new homeowner in the Midwest with snakes in the walls.

Is this the NEW thing?


It is a massive SNAKE INFESTATION. That is the most awful sentence I've ever written.

Listen to the recording below, from the homeowner, on how many snakes she's seen.

I feel so bad for these ladies and what they are dealing with in their HOMES.

I am TIRED of these MOTHER-LOVING snakes in these MOTHER-LOVING homes!

Seriously, I am traumatized from afar. Hopefully, it stays that way.

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