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Do legislators really believe putting restrictions on what welfare recipients can buy with their public assistance money is really the answer?

Yes the welfare system needs reform, but will dictating to welfare recipients what they can and can’t do with their money fix the problem, I think not!

Does spending money on lingerie, steak, seafood, alcohol, going to a concert or going to a club mean they are wasting money or do they just budget their money well?

And who suffers the consequences if they blow their money?

Most welfare recipients are usually forced to choose between medicine and food or paying a utility bill. So what’s the harm if they find themselves in a situation where they buy a steak or go out to a club every once in a while.  

Everybody on welfare or not deserves a break and a little pleasure from time to time.

Kathryn Strickland director of the Food Bank of North Alabama offered some statistics to put the issue into context. See those statistics at