This morning, I read an article where a teacher posted some of the things her students shared, beginning with "I wish my teacher knew_____."  It's amazing some of the feelings these 3rd graders harbored, and it made me think.  Is there anything I wish my employer knew?

Of course there is! So, although I cannot share this anonymously, here goes:

I wish my boss knew that as the mother of a preemie with acid reflux, I would wake up almost every hour to make sure my child was not choking.  This continued even after she grew out of it and even to this day. So, I often nap during the day after work. PLEASE don't call me for a few hours.

I surveyed a few of my friends, asking them some of the things they wish their bosses knew, and these are some of their responses:

  • I wish my boss knew the value of "Thank you."  Yes, I know my check is my compensation, but it's still nice when the extra effort I put into my work to make sure WE succeed is acknowledged.
  • I wish my boss knew that even though I don't smoke, sometimes I feel like buying a pack of cigarettes and burning them slowly so I can waste as much time on smoke breaks as some of my coworkers.
  • I wish my boss knew how aggravating it is to be told to do something but not told HOW to do it. So, having to do something OVER, according to expectations after the fact, is wasted (disrespected) time. Training/guidance is essential.
  • I wish my boss (the taxpayer) knew that it is not my responsibility to teach your child his/her whole name. They should know this before they get to kindergarten.
  • I wish my boss knew that my time with my family is just as important to me as his time with his family is to him.
  • I wish my boss knew that I get off at a certain time.  Once I'm off, I'm off.... Even if I'm still in the building. Don't ask me to do anything!
  • I wish my boss knew I only applied for this position because I have a fantasy of the boss/secretary affair, and he is super fine!

As I read these, I was both humored and heartbroken.  Some people deal with a lot that goes unsaid.  So, let's humor each other while ridding ourselves of extra baggage.  For the things you REALLY wish you could tell your boss (or former boss), share them using the hashtag #IWishMyBossKnew.