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Lake Lurleen is one of 15 state parks that could face closure due to state budget cuts in Alabama.  I watched ABC 33/40 last night and caught the segment above in the news. I was shocked to learn that so many state parks might be closing. I knew Alabama's budget problems were bad, but this is just ridiculous.

We are lucky to have so many awesome state parks in Alabama. As a kid, my parents took us to visit as many as possible. We lived outside of Birmingham, so it was a quick drive to Oak Mountain or to Rickwood Caverns.

It's kind of a shame that we have an abundance of state parks where we can explore, hike, swim, or camp--and yet we're not visiting them. The video above notes that Rickwood Caverns can't break even--they're operating on a huge deficit each year.

So what do we do to keep our state parks open? I suggest you call your state senator and express your concern, and then get to a state park ASAP! Get your family and friends to go, too--if we get as many people as we can to visit our beautiful state parks, we might be able to save them from being closed.