Kids say the darnedest things.

Kyle Schwartz, a teacher at Doull Elementary School gave her third-grade class an assignment in which the students had to write the rest of the sentence "I wish my teacher knew" in which they let her know something about themselves they want to share.

Schwartz said, "I let students determine if they would like to answer anonymously. I have found that most students are not only willing to include their name, but also enjoy sharing with the class. Even when what my students are sharing is sensitive in nature, most students want their classmates to know.

The comments certainly run the gamut, from the optimistic one from a student who wants to go to college to the sad one from a child who says he doesn't have pencils at home.

Schwartz posted several of the responses on Twitter and the results will definitely open your eyes and maybe even tug at your heart.

Schwartz's exercise inspired others, with #iwishmyteacherknew now a trending topic on Twitter: