Do you know Mari Filer? If not, you're going to wish you did.

Some might call her beautiful. Others might say she's fine. Fashionista? Oh, yeah! But don't let the good looks fool you. Mari Filer is also SMART! So smart that she's been offered over 1.8 million in college scholarships.

Ms. Filer posted on her Facebook page in November that she'd been offered scholarships from 13 different universities.

(Photo credit: Mari Filer/Facebook)
(Photo credit: Mari Filer/Facebook)

But according to a mid-January tweet from the Tuscaloosa High School Director, her scholarship offers have risen to $1.8 million.

If nothing else, Ms. Filer is living proof that Central High School students can contend with the best! If these universities recognize her worth, surely she should receive love in her hometown!

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