There are plenty of local landmarks in and around Tuscaloosa where you can play the insanely popular Pokémon Go, but there's one place in particular that's a Pokémon trainer's dream-come-true: Capitol Park. 

Located at the intersection of 28th Avenue and 6th Street, Capitol Park is the site of the former Alabama Capitol Building--from back when Tuscaloosa was the capital of Alabama in 1826-1846. The park houses the remains of the building which burned in 1923; you can see several columns and the building's stone foundation.

You're probably thinking: enough with the history lesson--but hear me out: Capitol Park's history is what makes it a perfect place for playing Pokèmon Go. The park is relatively small, but it's the site of SIX different PokèStops: there are four around the building's remains, one in the corner of the park, and one at the Capitol Park Gazebo.

That means you can spend an hour or so in the park and hit up these six PokèStops at least six or seven times EACH. Drop a lure into one of the stops and you'll be able to catch some pretty awesome Pokemon. Saturday night I caught a Pinsir, a Ponyta, a Tangela, an Abra, a Drowzee, and...finally... a Pikachu!

One word of advice before you head out to Capitol Park: make sure you clean up after yourself! I saw a lot of trash around the park this weekend. Pokèmon players are getting a bad enough rep as it is, so don't be a lazy slob and toss your empty Gatorade bottles and cigarette butts on the ground--that's so not cool.

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