Pokemon Go is taking over the world including Tuscaloosa and one local business is making catching them all a little bit easier.

The Pokemon Go craze is taking over people's lives but a new service from Joyride Tuscaloosa is making it easier for folks to have a designated Pokemon driver.

Joyride is offering Pokemon Go tours , where a driver takes players around in a golf cart.

"The Pokemon Go tours cover more area in a golf cart than you could on foot, so it's just more convenient for the players," said Daniel Combs, a driver, told ABC 33/40.

Lawenforcement agencies warning about the dangers of driving and playing, this service keeps players safe.

'You can play Pokemon Go and you don't have to pay attention to traffic because that's my job to keep you safe," Combs continued.

There is a $15 per person starting price for the tours, but some insist it's worth it!

They also have other tours available. For more information you can visit joyridetuscaloosa.com or call them at 205-690-2221.

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