Earlier this week,  I got the news that my cousin,  Javion Watkins,  would be a star character in "The Jungle Book" play,  presented by the Alberta School of Performing Arts.  So,  I KNEW I would be going to see it,  but I didn't know how awesome of a production it would be.

The entire production was something that would make anyone proud.  My family sat around the fifth row from the front,  and at times,  we couldn't really hear everything the students said.  But the skill of the actors from displaying emotion,  to singing in tune-- sometimes while dancing --and being in the right place at the right time....  All of that together showcased the quality of the school's programs and how fluidly they worked together to put on this performance.

Here's a brief snippet:

The entire performance lasted less than an hour,  and admission was only $5. Last night,  there was standing room only.  Tonight at 6:30 is their final performance.  Get there early for the best seats.