A mother from Jasper County, Georgia posted a video to Facebook yesterday that depicts her child's being subjected to a controversial form of punishment.Shana Marie Perez of Covington, Georgia says she was forced to allow her son to be paddled by school officials. Perez said that if she did not consent to her son's being paddled, the school would have suspended him.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that if she had accepted the suspension, Perez would have been placed back in jail on charges of truancy. Perez previously faced truancy charges, and she felt that refusing the paddling would result in a jail sentence for her.

"They called yesterday and I said no so they made me come into the school for a conference and said if he couldn't get paddled he had to be suspended and if he was suspended I would be put back in jail," Perez posted to Facebook.

Perez told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her five-year-old son, Thomas, has missed 18 days of school due to illness this year; she feels those absences should be excused.

Thomas got in trouble Monday, April 11, after trying to hit one student and spitting on another.

Perez claims that though she knew the school used paddling as a form of punishment, she had signed a form at the beginning of the school year stating she would not allow her son to be paddled.

She said that she felt helpless watching officials paddle her child and pretended to text on her phone so that she could record the video below and post it to social media.


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