Raising kids these days is almost as tough as getting your little ones to like you.

According to a new survey of 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 13 and 25, 25% think their kids view them as “very uncool,” while a quarter of moms and dads believe they are out of touch with their progeny.

Producing offspring seems to come with the knowledge your youngsters will not like you at some juncture – 80% say they know children will view their parents as uncool at some point during their lives, although three-quarters say it’s only a phase.

Only 15% of parents are concerned their kids will be embarrassed by them.

In order to stay atop of their children’s interests (and maybe seem a little hip), 30% of parents admit to keeping up with pop culture and social media.

What exactly do mothers and fathers do that make them think their little ones look at them as squares? Well, according to the research the number one thing is failure to know what song is topping the charts at the moment.

Top 10 things that make parents feel uncool

1. Not knowing what is number 1 in the charts
Not being able to work an iPhone
Not knowing the words to current songs
Their dress sense
Owning a sensible car
Not seeing the attraction in computer games
Now knowing what twerking is
Not knowing what Spotify is
Not letting the children stay out late
Making the children wear the correct school uniform

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