Alabama continues to impress with great gospel talent. Alabama Samuel Brown Jr has a testimony of a miracle. Therefore, his stage name is a reflection of him being here today. Birmingham based Gospel Artist Miracle is truly a walking miracle. God healed him on his deathbed in the hospital years ago that made a life change for him.

When doctors had given up on him having a rare fungus eating away at his sinus cavities and about to push into the blood-brain barrier. Brown was resistant to antibiotics, doctors had told him he would die in his sleep or on the operating table. But God healed him. So this the why his name is Miracle.

Samuel “MIRACLE” Brown, Jr. is a singer, song writer, and indie artist showcase host; widely recognized as a phenomenal vessel for the Lord and builder of the Kingdom of God. MIRACLE uses his influence to uplift and motivate others. He has received more than 32 award nominations for his music and is committed to ministry outside the four walls.

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Currently working on his eighth album in 16 months entitled “The Boxx,” which has proven to be encouraging to the body, with its first single “Calibration” landing on Billboard Charts and his latest release “Somebody’s Prayin,” offering a direct response to the hearts of many during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Samuel "MIRACLE" Brown, Jr. is currently available for seminars, conferences, and expos.

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