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Jaeden Henderson is a 18 year old rising gospel singer and student at Miles College and a former student at The Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, AL. He released his latest single "Only You" in April 2021. 

 In 2018, Jaeden became a NAACP ACT-SO and represented Birmingham, AL at its national competition in Texas where he earned a coveted spot on the main stage to sing with the featured 10.

During 2017, Jaeden was recognized by the Department of Youth Services and the City of Birmingham’s former Mayor, William Bell, in their inaugural feature of youth “History in the Making” during Black History Month.

In 2016, He was one of the first kids to be awarded the 2016 Fusion Award “Energizer Next Gen Award” for his talent, leadership, and being a game changer amongst his peers, and he was a performing vocalist at the awards show. During the summer of 2015, Jaeden’s audition afforded him a coveted position in the Ruben Studdard’s Masters Class Music Camp, and he remains a Ruben Studdard Foundation Kid.

He has been featured in The Birmingham News, The Birmingham Times, The Western Star, the Alabama Power Newsletter, Talk of Alabama and on Fox 6 News. He has been invited and featured by 98.7 FM and 95.7 FM for numerous community events.

He is also the owner of his own business Jaeden Henderson Enterprises, LLC, which features his Christian Apparel Clothing Line “I’m Fresh When iWorship.” He also own's his own graphic design business entitled "ByFaith JAEDZIGNZ" where he serves as CEO and the sole Graphic Designer.

Over the years Jaeden has grown tremendously in his relationship with God, his assignment is to change the world, in a new way, through his gifts, and from the looks of it, he is well on his way. 

Jaeden Henderson is a member of Faith Chapel where he serves as a head worship leader and member of the Faith Chapel Students Worship Team.

Outside of singing with his church choir, Jaeden is often invited to sing at churches and numerous events around Birmingham and its surrounding areas. 

Jaeden's mission in life is this: Purpose meets vision and vision meets glory. The direction might shift and the vision might change but the desire to give God all the Glory will always remain the same. 



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