What does "Dixie" really mean?

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Shouldn't that matter a little bit? Just a little bit, don't you think?

Well, in the world we live in today, logic is out the window and gone. Long gone.

Could it make a comeback? Yes. Will it? That's up in the air.

I predicted this kind of thing a year ago, I must say.

Let's lay it out and unpack the latest foolishness.

It's called the "delete dixie initiative" and they have a website.

They claim to be a group of students, faculty and friends that are trying to make the University of Alabama campus "more inclusive".

You see, the line "You're DIXIE'S football pride" is the line that is so racist and problematic.

The "initiative" has sent a letter to Alabama president Stuart Bell formally requesting the removal of the word "dixie".

I would love to talk to African Americans in Alabama about this topic. I would want it to be a range of ages from 18 to 70, for example, because everyone's take should matter.

Often, in cases like this, a very small group dictates this type of change and the majority of folks have no issue with the word or phrase.


I love football. It's a great escape from all the problems in daily life for most of us.

When I am enjoying a Crimson Tide game, I am not thinking about ways to belittle anyone's race!

I am convinced that the OVERWHELMING majority of fans are also lost in the game and have no thoughts of black or white.

It has to end somewhere. Everything is under attack for having a "racist" past, according to some.

It just simply is NOT true.

Not everything was introduced as a way to keep one race under oppression.

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