With more curves than a Hollywood starlet, the battle over a new breed of TVs has arrived.

Samsung has unveiled the price for its new 55-inch curved OLED TV. It’ll only set you back $8,999. Sure, that’s a lot of money for a television, but, hey, it’s curved. And that means viewers will get to see more of the screen in their line of vision (and at 55 inches, there is certainly a lot to see). The TV reportedly has amazing picture, as well.

In addition, it’s a sort of two-TVs-in-one: you can watch two shows at once in HD with 3D glasses complete with their own speakers. Basically, this TV will do everything except stand up and go to the fridge to get you a beer.

The Samsung is also a downright bargain compared to LG’s own 55-inch curved TV, which costs a staggering $15,000.

We can’t speak for everyone, but we think we’ll wait until the price goes down before we even consider shopping for one of these.

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